Quality Policy

Our Quality Assurance Department plays a vital role in ensuring the accuracy of all of our services to preserve our core values of quality and transparency. Every analysis is performed by validated chemists and all raw data and conclusions are available to our customers. It is a trained and validated team working under stringent technical supervision to ensure genuine analysis.

The Quality Assurance Department functions independently of the general management of the laboratory and reports directly to a member of the board of directors. It implements quality systems in accordance with GMP, GLP & GCP, ISO/IEC-17025, and ISO 15189:2007. Nutralytica Research has drafted and implemented over 500 SOPs to meet the quality standards.

The Quality Assurance Department ensures that all the SOP’s and record formats as per the standards are in place and are reviewed periodically.
It is also ensured that all the documented SOP’s are followed and all the data is recorded in the approved formats.
The Quality Assurance Department ensures that all the personal are trained and validated for carrying out the analysis and implementing the documented standards.

A comprehensive training program is in place for training , evaluating the effectiveness of the training and validating the personal as per the current laboratory standards.
The department does online verification of data, periodic internal audits, routine internal quality checks, and periodic personal validations.