Analytical Method Development

As a testing facility, we believe it is also our duty to add value to the knowledge already established. We are committed to advancing the techniques and methods of analysis in the industries we serve.

Key Aspects of the research and development department:-

Dedicated Team :-
We have a team of dedicated scientists who have been trained in the areas of method development, verification, and validation.

Creating New Methods:-

We develop and validate new methods when products are not mentioned in pharmacopoeias or standard methods are not available in journals. New methods are used only after verification and validation.

Customized Method development Plans for Customers:-

When customers require a new method of analysis, our R&D team works in close collaboration with the customer’s technical team to study, validate, and verify the method development. Our team prepares a comprehensive plan and timeline to ensure transparency.

Complete Compliance:-

All of our R&D services are offered in compliance with current ICH guidelines.